Christian Jankowski, Sender and Receiver, (Detai), 2020 Courtesy Lisson Gallery and the artist

Christian Jankowski

02-07-2022 - 30-10-2022

CHRISTIAN JANKOWSKI (*1968 Göttingen) is one of the most influential action and concept artists of his generation. With his subversive-ironic performances and actions in particular he has continued to surprise the international art world repeatedly to this very day.

He developed his unmistakable artistic approach in the context of the participatory action art of the 1990s, which was characterised by a socio-politically involved praxis. Jankowski expands the borderlines of art out into the lifeworld so as to enable the reflexive and transformative power of art to flourish in life itself and make an impact. The Kunsthalle Tübingen is showing a comprehensive museum survey of the artist’s complete oeuvre, including a scholarly contextualisation and reappraisal.


Curated by:

Dr. Nicole Fritz