Karin Sander

27-03-2021 - 04-07-2021

Over the past four decades Karin Sander has developed an artistic position of her very own in the tradition of Post-minimalism. She smashed the rigid attitude of the Concept Art of the 1960s, expanding it by means of sensually processual-participatory approaches.

She responds to everyday, architectural, institutional or social givens with a seismographic intuition  and uses subtle interventions to change them. For example, she burnishes images into the wall by turning the quadrature of the conventional placing on the wall into a mirror of the surroundings. Or else she breaches the symbolism of the depiction of an object in a museum, like in the series of “kitchen pieces”, for example, in which instead of the vanitas of a still life, the fruit actually present decays before our eyes.

Her works not only exhale the strictness of Minimalism in formal terms, they also unfold an unexpected poetry. Linking into the premise of Minimal Art, a major role is ascribed to the viewer’s perception. By making us not only think her works through to the end, but also respond to these with all our senses, Karin Sander’s works ultimately realise the utopia of Minimal Art so as to objectivise our perception and lead it to a schematic clarity and logic.

Exhibitions of work by Karin Sander have been shown in, among others, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco, in the Whitney Museum in New York and in the Museum of Contemporary Art Osaka; her works have also gained her numerous awards.


Curated by Nicole Fritz




Annett Zinsmeister

Ausser Haus

08-05-2021 - 08-05-2022

ANNETT ZINSMEISTER (born 1967 in Stuttgart) has lived in Berlin since 1990. She gained an international reputation with her site-specific works and spectacular spatial interventions. Works of hers are on show in galleries, museums and at biennials worldwide: in 2015 MoMA New York commissioned a spatial installation especially for its collection. Under the format AUSSER HAUS she will design a new façade work for the high-rise building opposite the Kunsthalle at the request of the Kunsthalle Tübingen.

Annett Zinsmeister works with existing spatial elements and urban structures, transforming them into unusual space situations that examine and question not only our visual habits and our perception, but also the limits of spaces. Her installations and space- and image-constructions thus become experiential spaces and fictive constructions that confront us with transitions and intermediary spaces and motivate us to think: about the relationship between man and his environment, body and space, the space between reality and fiction, the analogue and the digital, between visibility and invisibility.


Curated by Nicole Fritz


That Self / Our Self

24-07-2021 - 13-02-2022

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ fascinates audiences worldwide with her performances, films and, most recently, her opera project 7 Deaths of Maria Callas. What is not so well know however, is the fact that this pioneer of performance art was also a guest in Tübingen from her early years in the 1970s up till the year 2000, in the Ingrid Dacić gallery. The exhibition at the Kunsthalle Tübingen is devoted for the first time to the spiritual aspects of Marina Abramović’s work.

Linking into the tradition of European mysticism, in the past five decades this pioneer of performance art has developed an undogmatic, individual access to the transcendental that expands the religious traditions to include shamanist, alchemical and Buddhist elements. By means of selected major works the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Tübingen, curated by Nicole Fritz in close collaboration with Marina Abramović and her studio, focuses on these spiritual aspects of the artist’s work, pursuing her rite of passage – her journey to her inner self.

At the end of this development stands the, in the truest sense of the term, self-conscious artist, devoted initiator and charismatic performance teacher Marina Abramović, who passes on her experience in workshops and the institute she founded, called the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI). Her aim is to use collective exercises to bring her audience into contact with themselves again through art.

A comprehensive catalogue (German/English) will be published to accompany the exhibition, with interdisciplinary contributions by Erich Ackermann, Hartmut Böhme, Jeannette Fischer, Nicole Fritz, Antje von Graevenitz, Volker Leppin and Bernhard Pörksen.

Curated by Nicole Fritz in close collaboration with Marina Abramović and her studio



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